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 Creature Chronicles: Gemma_Cullen_Malfoy

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Hufflepuff Head of House : CoMC & Mythology Professor : 5th Year

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Quest Information

Name: Gemma_Cullen_Malfoy
House: Slytherin

Creature: Phoenix, fully grown
Quest Location: Amazon Rainforest
Quest Dates: 1st-31st October

Potential Problems:
Intensity of the heat and humidity
Poisonous creatures, both magical and non-magical
Possibility of werewolves in the localisation

Your quest will take you through the treachourous Amazon rainforest, where a day without a sting from a bug is just not known. You're trying to find something...but what is it?

You should make thirty-one entries spanning the month of your quest. This does not need to be in real-time (i.e. a post a day). You can take however long you need to complete your quest.

Good Luck!

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Creature Chronicles: Gemma_Cullen_Malfoy
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